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Hasan Belal

Photography to me is a means of communication, through which I understand and analyse daily scenes in Syria. In my art, I follow the visual anthropology approach which enables me to understand the identity of the place within which I reside, especially during ten years of war.

Hasan Ibrahim Belal, 29years old, graduated from economics university in Syria. He has been working as photographer since 2010, with special interest in photojournalism and visual anthropology. He worked with many local and international agencies and NGOs in Syria, UNICEF – ICRC – CARITAS SWITZERLAND-NRC - OXFAM - UNFPA -L'Œuvre d'Orient - and produced stories about the life after war. He got a grant with Thompson Reuters with “Dar-Al Mosawer” in Beirut for training about photojournalism with a related exhibition.

I Feel Longing - Solo

Dar Al Musawir, Beirut lebanon

April, 2023




I Feel Longing - Solo

Biblio sierre, Switzerland

Dec - 2022



Chemistry Of  Feeling
Gulf Photo Plus, UAE
July 12  - 2021

Vantage Point Sharjah 8
Sharjah Art Foundation , UAE
August 29 - 2020

Connexion Festival Building Bridges 
Mattatoio, Rome
December 12 - 2019

Beirut Image Festival
Open Door, Beirut
November 5 - 2019

Looking For Truth

Dar Al-Nimr , Beirut

July 26 - 2018


Damascus - Syria


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